Recent Reports Showed that Snakes Can Jump

Knoxville snake

For an animal that is not blessed with limbs, it's impressive how snakes can perform a range of functions and movement without it. It can climb vertical surfaces, it can swim, and apparently, some snake species can actually jump. Such is the case of the Australian snakes that belong in the family of Dendrelaphis. They are the close relatives of Chrysopelea. The behavior of this snake has been captured on camera and featured on national television.

How Can Snakes Jump?
By understanding how these snakes can jump, we will learn a lot of things about the variety of locomotion of the reptiles. We will also find out how their bizarre actions and behaviors have evolved throughout the year. Before you even have the wrong thoughts about this, snakes will not jump off from the ground. They will first climb on the trees and move to the low-lying branches of the trees. The lower part of their body will serve as a spring that will propel their body. They will glide through the air to transfer to another branch. Based on the experts' observation, the ripples that the snake will create will contain both vertical and horizontal waves. The undulation will flow proportionally. The vertical waves have two times the frequency of the horizontal waves. They also noticed that the back of the snakes would go up and down. Without this undulation, the experts believe that they will fall dangerously and haphazardly. Rattlesnakes, on the other hand, will coil their body that will help them lunge an attack from a far distance. Technically, they can't jump. The momentum they generated combined with gravity will carry them farther.

Do All Snakes Jump
It is essential to know that not all species of snakes will have this ability. All snakes can swim, but not all of them will prefer to stay in the waters. Those who have wholly adapted to the environment close to the water may not show the same jumping prowess. The term 'jumping' can also be a misnomer. It is simply strategically gliding and falling. They will fall at a speed of 25mph, and they may land on another tree branch unscathed. They are capable of catapulting their body at about 30ft, especially during a windy season.

How Far Can Snakes Jump?
The distance they may cover may vary depending on the movement of the wind. During a windy season, they can travel at around 30ft and may descend at a range of 60ft without any wound. Of course, if there are no winds that will help push their body, the distance they can cover will be generally lesser. Without limbs to help them jump, it is quite fascinating to know that this animal can perform some locomotion that others can't. They can swim without fins and fly without wings. They can pick up scent without the standard olfactory sense. They can also catch soundwaves without external ears. The snakes have evolved into a creature that has adapted well in its surroundings. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Knoxville